The Bhat controversy

So, offensive jokes by Tanmay Bhat is trending more than Nicki Minaj ‘s artificial butt. It’s alarming how we have let attention seeking comedians succeed in getting what they want. I’m not here to defend him or abuse him. I haven’t even watched those controversial snapchats. I’m not even commenting on how his jokes have become lame and redundant, that’s for the critics and haters and I’m neither. If anything, I’m a fan of AIB’s work. But having read some of his tweets, it’s surprising that people place the legendary Kamal R Khan (a.k.a KRK) and this guy in different categories. KRK seems to be a crude version of this guy. But no, Tanmay Bhat obviously jokes when he posts a sexist and racist tweet, right? I mean, freedom of expression and all that. No, free will and freedom of expression comes with a limit. As Immanuel Kant so aptly said, ” Act in such a way that your action can become a universal law.” If we have everyone exercising their “freedom of expression” like Bhat,  we would not have order in society.Everyone would be abusing people at will without regard to religious and racial sentiments.

          So was Bhat right in his quest? If his intention was a noble one, to make us realise that one shouldn’t take attention seeking comedians seriously, I think he was quite successful. If he was just seeing attention, again he won. Bhat 1-0 India. He made us realise how we rather focus our attention on a controversial joke than on actual problems affecting the society.

          Summing up, should we have reacted this way? No. Should we have reacted at all? No. It’s we who allow the propagation of such “offensive jokes” by reacting to them. Let’s trend people who are affecting the society in a positive way instead. A personal favorite in recent times is Nana Patekar after what he’s doing with Naam foundation. And comedians? We don’t have shortage of amazing comedians! Gill,Biswa and the emerging entertainer Danish Sait. In this case, ignorance is bliss.


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